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"Dr. Ladonna Bense is great!"
- Evo R.
"Dr. Bense and her staff are absolutely fabulous. I couldn't even walk when I went into her and after a few weeks I was pain free. I would recommend her to EVERYONE!"
- Keri M.
"Chronic pain wears you down. So after living with hip and low back pain for several years I just couldn't function anymore. I went in search of a chiropractor I would feel comfortable with. Dr. Bense and her staff have more than met that criteria. They are so warm and caring and really get to know you. Within just a couple of visits I got the immediate relief I needed. I can't stress enough how regular adjustments make a difference. I've been coming to Back In Line for almost two years now and enjoy feeling normal again. Dr. Bense has been the answer to my prayers!"
- Shanna S.
"I’ve been seeing Dr. Bense at Back In Line Chiropractic for two years. I initially came to see her with severe neck pain and headache, which seemed to worsen over time to the extent I was unable to function without frequent pain relievers. Dr. Bense was very thorough in my initial exam & was able to actually show me through x-ray that my pain was an accumulation of common teacher habits. Very doubtful that my pain would decrease anytime soon, I could tell a difference in one visit with the level of pressure, and I had almost all flexibility return in my neck within a couple weeks. Since that time, I’ve had regular adjustments and also followed the general daily recommendations that Dr. Bense has suggested. It’s now very rare that I ever have back discomfort, which at one time had become a normal part of life... Back In Line Chiropractic has definitely made me a believer in not only the treatment of back pain, but most importantly prevention. "
- Jennifer C.
"I was apprehensive with seeing a chiropractor. Since visiting Dr.Bense's office I have seen a change in my life. I suffered from headaches for years. After getting treatment my headaches have subsided. It took about 2-3 weeks of treatment for me to see results. I can not be more pleased. Dr. Bense and her staff are always caring and nice. I am honored to recommend her for a chiropractor doctor."
- Jennifer B.
"After hurting my lower back, I visited my primary care physician several times and took many different types of drugs. After months of drugs and without making any progress to my lower back pain, I become desperate and decided to try a chiropractor. My first chiropractor and last! Dr. Bense clearly communicated her findings from my evaluation and formed a plan with realistic expectations. During my first visit, I was unable to turn on the massage table for treatment. Within two weeks I felt better then I had in years. Dr. Bense has proven herself to be very skillful, professional and I am proud to recommend her. "
- Thomas M.
I went to Dr. Bense in early June with sharp pain in my hip. In working with her and her great staff, my pain is gone and can go back to my normal activities. Thanks so much to all at Back In Line Chiropractic!!!

Tony K.  
Amazing experience
The staff at back in line is great! They always make me feel welcome and appreciated. Dr Bence in particular has great hands. I leave the office feeling whole again. Would I recommend? Absolutely!

Derek T.  
Best choice I ever made!
"I was a skeptic on chiropractic care before I saw Dr. Bense! I had back problems since I was 16 years old. I am 43 now! Pain was apart of my life and dealt with it in many different ways. All types of doctors and therapies were tried. They call it practicing medicine for a reason! Then about a year and a half ago I was almost crippled by the pain I had endured for years. I said a prayer and then I saw by divine providence Dr. Bense in the local directory. I said "OK if this is you guiding me G-D then let's see!" I had nothing to lose because I was thinking of calling it quits as a firefighter and collect disability checks at that point. Regular doctors and regular therapies failed me up to then if not hurt me more. The first time I saw Dr. Bense I said to her "Man do I have a challenge for you." I think she even sighed a little too after she X-ray'd me and began working on me that day. Being in the profession I am in and the lifestyle I lead. I do admit to some minor setbacks from time to time. It is because of what I do. Not because of what Dr. Bense can't do! She fixes me every time. Just this past Friday I did a simple turn and felt something went wrong. I think I jinxed myself because I had just said " Wow I feel like a real 22 year old!" Then G-D stepped in to humble me. By my own choice I suffered till Monday to see Dr. Bense. Dr. Bense will go out of her way to see you even if it is the weekend. I really didn't want to trouble her. I already had an appointment for Thursday but I couldn't hardly move. She said come in and made time for me. Saw me on tuesday also because I was in real bad shape. I knew I was in trouble but Dr. Bense who I believe to be a healing angel if not miracle worker. Probably the best Chiropractor EVER! It is Wednesday and I am almost with out pain and walking upright and wanting to dance but she said no! I do what Dr. Bense says she is the best. Dr. Bense and her Staff are the most compassionate, professional, empathetic, sympathetic, caring, knowledgeable, up to date of current therapies, friendly, family oriented and personable group of people. A real blessing to anyone who chooses to go to feel relief of pain. A life changing moment as soon as you walk in the door for all good and your very best. Dr. Bense provides not just a alternative choice to medicine but something more. The only choice I will ever make for my problems. A Divine Blessing and HOPE! She even cured stuff like allergies and nasal drip I had. Never even thought it would be connected to my back problems! I sleep better, live better and feel better because of Dr. Bense who is a gift from G-D! Don't take my word for it. Give her a call. You won't regret it! Thank you Dr. Bense! May You be Blessed as much as you have Blessed me and others!"

Steven K.  
I absolutely loved them!
I've been adjusted since I was born and by far Back In Line Chiropractic has been the best Chiropractic experience I have ever received. They help me tremendously with relieving my migraines and back pain. Their staff is outstanding and without Back In Line I would be constantly suffering!

Kennedy B.  

Nirav M.  
Great Place!!!!!!
Dr. Bense and her staff are extremely nice. I love how the entire staff makes you feel welcomed as though you are old friends by greeting you with your name. Everyone is always pleasant and the office is really inviting and nice. Each staff member is skilled and work diligently to ensure the office continues to run smoothly. Dr. Bense takes the time to engage you in conversation in an attempt to make you comfortable while analyzing how your day to day may be contributing to your injuries or cause of your visits. She is extremely pleasant with her recommendations and generally shows care for her patients. I have been going to this practice for over 5 months and I am thankful for the recommendation I received to give her team and her a try!

Natasha M.  
Great doctor very pleasent staff. I have asthma but do not have to use my inhaler as much!
Very pleasant staff great doctor. I have neck and back problems along with asthma. But do not have to take my inhaler as much!

Penny G.  
I have been seeing Dr. Bense for almost 2 years now and I am very happy and content with my results! The staff is always extremely nice and helpful.
I believe that Dr. Bense truly cares about her patients and indivisualizes her treaments to meet the needs of all of her patients. My quality of life has improved greatly. I am able to do the things in life that I want to now that my pain levels have been reduced drastically. I can definitely tell when I have missed a treament. Consistency in my treatment has been key to my success! !! I am grateful for Dr. Bense and her willingness to help!

Natash a L.  
Overall Dr. staff they make u fill welcome explain there every move on what there about to do, very clean they I will go back.body
Back was in bad shape when came in working with this great staff of people am coming along better then before still has away to go.

Alee M.  
Always a wonderful experience
Dr. Bense and her staff are the most wonderful people I have ever met. I have been going to see her for about a year and I have never felt better. My migraines are gone. She is a God send. I love her and her whole staff.

Monica M.  
Quality Care with a Smile!
The idea of a chiropractor can be a scary one. Having always been told the myth that "bone cracking" causes arthritis, I seemed hesitant when I was told to visit a chiropractor. I was quick to realize that chiropractic was not only beneficial but also RELIEVING! I have since been to two different chiropractors and I must say that I was amazed at the work at Back in Line. Dr. Bense, along with her wonderful and heartwarming staff, treated me like a loving member of their family by making my transition smooth and care-free. I give them 5 stars because they deserve it. I would give me if that was an option.

Lindsey Y.  
Excellent! They always make me feel at home.
I had knee pain and no doctor would help me until I came to Back in Line Chiropractic. They listened, understood, and helped my headaches as well. I always enjoy coming in!

Abbie P.  
A relaxing and wonderful experience that helped me and my children.
I have been seeing Dr. Bensi for almost 3 yrs and she has helped me with multiple back and joint issues. Her care and concern is above and beyond and she was especially helpful during both my pregnancies. Her staff is amazing as well and Cindy is the friendliest and most efficient receptionist I have ever encountered.

C K.  
Treatment has been going excellent for me and my daughter. I am consistently feeling better every week and definitely not been as dependent on Advil. The treatment plan has me hopeful and I know I will with the adjustments eventually get my body corrected!

Christie J.  
Never Felt Better
As a former wrestler and current golfer I have over the years developed back problems such as painful spasms and overall stiffness. Since going to Dr. Bense she not only alleviated my initial pain and discomfort but with regular visits she has kept the symptoms and pain at bay. It has been years since I have felt this good. If you have back pain and discomfort I would strongly encourage you to go. I

Rick S.  
I am always pleased by the friendly experience I have here.
They genuinely care about my well-being and that always helps me feel better. I would and have recommended Dr. Bense and her staff. Not only because they are friendly and truly care, but they also showcase a wide range of knowledge and make it easy for me to understand what is going on with my treatments and continued maintenance. Dr. Bense not only helped me to recover from my accident, she has also helped to eliminate (either completely or majority) of chronic pains I've been dealing with since I was a teenager.

Eric C.  
Wonderful experience and excellent staff.
I would recommend back in line to all of my friends and family. Everyone here is friendly and they all work hard at helping you with any problems that you have. I will be coming back very soon.

Wanda H.  
Always a pleasure
Dr. Bense & staff are absolutely wonderful. I have been coming for over 2 years. I would recommend them to anyone looking for quality chiropractic care.

Shanna S.  
Always have had great experiences.
Everyone is very friendly and welcoming!

Kathy W.  
Always a positive experience
Back In Line Chiropractic is a lifesaver. I had a lot of neck pain that I had yet to receive proper treatment from other physicians for. After researching some other chiropractics in the area, I chose Back In Line for their reasonable prices and skill. They didn't try to sign up for any expensive long-term visits and were overall very pleasant over the phone.
Dr. Bense evaluated my problems and gave me very thorough advice about how to treat my neck in between visits. She is very honest, caring, and knowledgeable. Her treatments have been very effective and I always leave feeling so much better. You can tell she truly cares about her patients. I strongly recommend her practice.

Josh W.  
Michelle Simpson, LMT
Michelle has been massaging me for 3 months now and I have seen great changes. I get adjusted weekly and then with the massages I get from Michelle, I have been having a lot less flare ups of my back and neck pain. Thank you Michelle. You have been a life saver.


Your Feedback is Important to Us, Let Us Know How We're Doing!

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