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Dr. LaDonna C. Bense

110 Evans Mill Dr. #105
Dallas, GA 30157


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I was in a ca accident back in 1999.  I was thrown from the car and landed 20 feet away from the car on a tree (which probably saved my life).  I was life flighted to the hospital and the doctors called my family and told them to get to the hospital as soon as possible.  I wasn't expected to live.  I broke just about every bone in my body, punctured lung, kidney damage, bleeding in my brain, and my left foot had been amputated.  After several months in the hospital, I finally got out but not without a lot of aches and pains.  I was on tons of pain meds and thought I was just turning into an addict.  I found Dr. Bense online and I went to her hoping she could help with my neck pain, back pain, headache pain, leg pain, hip pain, and on and on.  I didn't know what to epect except I was in so much pain and had been through so much already, I figured I would give chiropractic a try.

She listened to what happened and you could tell she really cared.  This doctor has so much empathy.  She amazed me.  She spent over 2 hours doing her examination.  She said she had to know everything.  She took all the information and even got the file from the hospital and other doctors.  She compiled all of it and told me she thought she could help me.  She started treating me.  She was very gentle and walked me through what she was doing,  I started to notice that I was feeling better.  I couldn't necessarily quanify it, I just knew I was feeling better.  My headache pain went away first.  She helped me with the change in my 'gait' (that means the way I walk now because of my foot being amputated).  She helped me with my anxiety and she even did some stuff to my head which started working on the sutures that were all messed up in my head from being thrown into the tree.  My life will never be the same as it was before my accident, but Dr. Bense returned a quality of life I would have never had if I wouldn't of found her.  

I can not explain what this doctor means to me and the change she brought to my life.  I can say that I do not suffer from those severe headaches any more.  I can also tell you that my neck pain is gone and my back pain only happens every great once in a while.  I also thank her for taking so much time to work with my on how I walk with my new foot.  

Joe M  (from Hiram GA)

Dallas, GA Chiropractor | TESTIMONIAL: SEVERE CAR INJURY HELPED BY HIRAM AREA DOCTOR. Dr. LaDonna Bense is a Dallas, GA Chiropractor.