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Dr. LaDonna C. Bense

110 Evans Mill Dr. #105
Dallas, GA 30157


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My name is Sue M.  I have had low back pain for over 25 years.  I have been to medical doctors, orthopedist, neurologist, physical therapist, massage therapist, you name it, I have been to them and I had no relief.  Yes, the medications would give me some slight relief for a short amount of time but I usually felt groggy and I couldn't drive or do the things I wanted to do.  I had decided that this was the life I was going to have.  I was miserable.

I was at church one Sunday and I was having difficulty even getting to my chair.  The lady sitting next to me asked if I was alright.  I began to cry as the pain was just too much and I didn't feel like I could deal with it any longer.  The nice lady said, I know you don't know me but you need to go to Dr. Bense.  She is a chiropractor in Dallas GA.  She is fabulous.  She will help you.

I got home from church and looked her up.  I called her office the next day.  The lady that answered the phone was so nice and welcoming.  She made me an appointment for that day because she could tell I was in pain.  I had to drive 25 minutes to get to her office.  Dr. Bense's office was welcoming and warm which I liked immediately.  Dr. Bense was busy with her patients but when she came around the corner and seen me slouched over, she walked over and introduced herself and asked what she could do for me right then to help me feel comfortable until she could see me.  That was amazing to me in this day and age.

She talked to me a while about what was going on and asked me so many questions about my health and my past experiences.  I couldn't believe how thorughh she was.  She examined me and did some x-rays.  She told me then she was going to do a little therapy on my.  She talked me through the entire process and had a staff member stand by me to make sure I could tolerate the therapy.  Then Dr. Bense adjusted me.  She told me what to expect then and that night.  They scheduled me another appointment to come back and look at my x-rays.  Dr. Bense went over each x-ray with me and showed me what was normal and what was wrong with me.  

I have been with Dr. Bense now for about 4 months.  My pain is almost gone.  I can clean my house now and cook for my family.  My husband can not believe the difference in me and frankly, neither can I.  My low back pain was from an car wreck I had when I was a teenager.  My back pain was so bad throgh the years that I would sometimes spend 5 days in bed at a time.  My low back pain hardly effects my life any more and I just can't believe it.  I am so thankful for everything Dr. Bense did for me.  She was kind and listened.  She made me feel that I was important.  She explained everything to me and even when I would ask her the same questions, she would explain again and not get upset.  I can't tell you the difference this doctor has made in my life.  

I was at my church about a month ago and ran into the lady that gave me Dr. Bense' name.  I went up to her and thanked her.  She simply smiled and said, "She is worth the drive!"  I have to agree!!!

Dallas, GA Chiropractor | TESTIMONIAL: OVERJOYED WITH MY IMPROVEMENT IN MY LOW BACK PAIN. Dr. LaDonna Bense is a Dallas, GA Chiropractor.