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The headline above is from an article that appeared on August 7, 2013, in the Times of India. The article, appearing in the Health and Fitness section, introduces chiropractic to the people of India as a solution for migraine headaches.

The article begins by saying, "The remedy for a migraine eludes most people despite the many years of suffering, until they are introduced to chiropractic care." The article defines migraines as, "A migraine is described as an incapacitating condition that is characterized by a throbbing headache, which occurs in episodes that lasts from several hours to 3 days."

The World Health Organization states that 10% of the world's adult population suffers from migraines. This problem accounts for over 2% of years lost as a result of disability as measured globally. Additional facts included in the article show that worldwide, over 40 million people suffer from migraines, with three million Americans suffering from chronic migraines.

With these large numbers, the author of the article states the threat and offers a solution, "These figures are staggering and they indicate the imminent threat migraines pose to individuals and the economy in general. Therefore, it makes sense for people to embrace the answer for migraines; chiropractic care."

The article continues by explaining the general failure of medical care to correct migraines. The article also explains how chiropractic helps. "...the main cause of their migraines is a misalignment of their upper cervical spine, which can effectively and efficiently be readjusted through chiropractic care, resulting in recovery from migraine."

These misalignments are known as subluxations. Subluxations are when bones of the spine become misaligned and cause pressure or irritation of spinal nerves. This then results in nerve malfunction which can lead to a number of health issues. Subluxations of the upper bones of the neck can lead to migraines. "Once the underlying causes are located and dealt with in the most suitable chiropractic techniques, the occurrences of migraines are greatly reduced and in most instances, stopped."

The article concludes by offering the results of a study that shows chiropractic can help migraines. "According to studies conducted to examine the ability of chiropractic care to treat migraines, chiropractic care is the most effective, safest and most efficient in providing long term benefits with the least number of side effects compared to other remedies."

Dallas, GA Chiropractor | CHIROPRACTIC CARE: SOLUTIONS FOR MIGRAINES. Dr. LaDonna Bense is a Dallas, GA Chiropractor.